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Category Archives for Natural Birth

Can Eating Dates Make Labor Easier?

Dates Make Labor Easier? Who Knew? AKA- Can eating dates make labor easier or will they just jack up my blood sugar and make my baby and me gain excess weight? Every single pregnant woman on the

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How-to Guide for Turning a Breech Baby

a Midwife's Guide to Turning a Breech Baby One of the most frustrating things in pregnancy is to get to the end and be told that your baby is in a breech position and that, if she doesn't turn,

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Reclaiming Birth

Who Controls Your Birth? The power of Reclaiming Birth P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }I was completely inspired by a recent article in “Pathways to Family Wellness”, the magazine you often find

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Homebirth and Birth Centers in SC Under Attack Again

This Affects EVERY Birthing woman. Home Birth, Birth Center or Hospital! Today, our guest blogger, Nicole Lavallee, midwife and birth protector shares some compelling reasons why you may want to

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