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Work With Me!

Are You Interested in Free Christian Childbirth Education Classes or Home Birth in SC?  There are a Few Different Ways to Work With Me...

Lisa Byrd, Home Birth Columbia, SC

A few ways you can work with Lisa Byrd LM, CPM, CLC, aka the Crunchy Midwife, are listed here.

  • Essential Wellspring Midwifery ~ Homebirth Columbia, SC (or within 50 miles). Water birth, birth photography. Call Lisa @ 803-917-1517 to schedule a free consultation or submit your pre-consultation paperwork here.
  • ?SC Birth Center with prenatal care in Columbia, SC and Labor and Birth Services in Simpsonville, SC call Lisa @ 803-917-1517
  • Free Christian Childbirth Education Classes in Columbia, SC, Natural Fertility, Nutrition, Pregnancy or Lactation Counseling and Support for home, birth center or hospital based clients, call Lisa @ 803-917-1517
  • Home Based Wellness Business ~ I am looking for team leaders to partner with me, the Crunchy Midwife, and learn how to teach others about natural health and wellness using essential oils. This is an incredible opportunity and offers you the ability to create a part time or replacement income. You can work from home with your baby! Call Lisa @ 803-917-1517