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Natural Living Fermentation

Natural Living

Natural Living Resources and Things I Love to Share

Some things in life that are just too good to keep to myself.  Allow me to share some things that have made my natural living journey much easier.


Natural Living Fermenting Vegetables

Pickle Pipes

Wide Mouth

Waterless Fermention

These simple little silicone nipples allow C02 to escape and will keep your fermentation from bubbling over or worse, exploding. Makes fermenting your own veggies SUPER easy!

Natural Living ferment vegetables

Pebbles & Pipes

Regular or Wide Mouth

Waterless Fermentation

This is both a set of Pickle Pipes (allows the C02 to escape) and also a set of glass weights to hold your veggies below the brine. I like using the regular mouth jars because the jar's "shoulder" also helps keep my veggies under the brine. Makes fermenting even easier!

Natural Living fermenting glass weights

Pickle Pebbles

Glass weights to keep your veggies safely below the brine. "Keep it below the brine and all will be fine" according to the books on lactofermentation.

natural living fermenting vegetables

Fermented Vegetables

This is one of THEE best books on the topic of safely fermenting your own veggies at home. Takes all of the mystery out. It has great pics and amazing recipes!