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FREE Christian Childbirth Classes

Essential Wellspring Midwifery

Get Prepared for the Natural, Spirit-Filled and Evidence Based Birth You Want!

Next 6 Week Class Series Starts January 10, @ 6:30 pm

Understanding is a wellspring of life unto him that hath it

Proverbs 16:22a

SC Midwife Lisa Byrd

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For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.   2 Timothy 1:7

What's Different About These Classes?

    • Christian Childbirth Classes will Help You Learn Everything You Need to Know to Make Informed Decisions About Your Birthing Choices
  • Christian Childbirth Classes Help You Explore & Practice the Relaxation and Coping Skills That Will Best Support You in Labor.
      • Christian Childbirth Classes will Help You Overcome Fear of Birth by Understanding What the Word of God Says
      • Christian Childbirth Classes Strengthen Your Faith in God as the Cornerstone for both Physical and Emotional Relaxation in Birth

      The greatest Benefit of Choosing a Natural Birth is the Lifelong Gift of Pure Health That You Give Your Baby!

      Why Should I Choose Natural Birth?

      Grow and Birth a Non-Toxic Baby!

      The average newborn has over 287 chemical toxins in her umbilical cord AT BIRTH! Give her the gift of a healthy start to life by significantly reducing the chemicals and meds she's exposed to.

      Fully Connect to Your God-Given Strength!

      God made you strong and your body intuitively knows how to perfectly grow and birth your baby!

      Avoid the Cascade of Medical Intervention!

      Keeping your pregnancy healthy and natural drastically reduces your risk for interventions, including a c-section. Natural pregnancy and birth is God's design!


      Class 1

      Stewardship of Pregnancy

      Changes in Pregnancy



      Class 2

      First Stage Comfort Measures

      The Process of Labor

      Comfort Measures for Labor

      Positions for Labor

      Labor Rehearsal

      Tools for Labor

      Class 3

      Greeting your Baby

      The Labor Process Continued

      Comfort Measures for 2nd Stage

      Positions for 2nd Stage

      Labor Rehearsals​

      Class 4

      Choosing with Love

      Intervention benefits and risks

      Discussing Options with your Caregiver

      Writing your choices in a birth plan

      Class 5

      Understanding Labor Challenges

      Ways to handle challenges

      Difficult Labors

      Cesarean Surgery

      Overcoming lingering fears and concerns

      Labor Options Game – Labor Rehearsal​

      Class 6

      Parenting your Newborn

      Newborn procedures

      Needs of the Newborn


      Postpartum Depression

      **Our Columbia, SC childbirth education classes are Christian faith-based and evidence-based and will support the natural birthing couple in ANY birth setting, with ANY type of care provider.

      In addition to our Christian Childbirth Classes, which will fully prepare you for birth, Essential Wellspring Midwifery offers preconception counseling, home birth services (prenatal care, birth, postpartum and newborn care), water birth, doula services, natural family wellness support and aromatherapy & essential oils education and coaching.

      Our Heritage of Birth, Born Again!