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Create your best natural birth with a midwife


95% of all births can remain low risk with the right education, effort and care provider. This site is dedicated to helping you achieve your best birth, no matter where you choose to have your baby!  It's great to connect with you!  I invite you to explore your options. If you're like most women, you can create YOUR best natural birth with a midwife!

What IS a Midwife?

mid·wife  /midˌwīf/

  1. noun a person (typically a woman) trained to assist women in childbirth.
  2. verb to assist (a woman) during childbirth.

    Origin -  "with woman"

    SC Homebirth Midwife

“Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers--strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.”

Barbara Katz Rothman​

The Power & Joy of Natural Birth with a Midwife

The birth of our son. We did not find out the sex with my daughter, nor did we find out the sex of this baby. We are so happy to have a son. I had an all natural water birth. Labor was 4 hours from start to finish. It was very intense but so amazing. The instant bond I have with him is indescribable! My son and I had to work together to get him out. I also loved that I got to deliver him with my own two hands! Just amazing!! I wish more women would consider natural birth. I loved working with the midwives and I felt like I was a person and not just a number. We were a team. This was the best birth experience ever and I could not have asked for more. I feel so empowered by this! I hope you enjoy it!

Photo credit: Joyful Images Photography, SC

And just for the record...

Crunchy  (adj)

1. crisp; brittle. (nah!)

2.Sometimes, crunchy granola. Informal. health-conscious and environmentally aware:   one of those crunchy gals who insists on biking to work.

What About the Safety of Homebirth?

Women who start pregnancy in a healthy state and make a good plan to stay healthy will typically enjoy a "low risk" pregnancy. When you are low risk, all of your options are open to you.

Countries with the best mama/baby outcomes and the highest maternity care satisfaction, integrate home birth with midwives into their care. In countries such as the Netherlands and Canada, among others, midwives are the primary maternity providers for most women.  Physicians are reserved for those whose medical risk requires more medicalized care. Surgeons, or Obs are for the extreme cases that require surgical birth.

There are many studies proving the safety of planned out of hospital births, but the most recent one is out of Canada, and published in December 2015.  Here's a quick news brief referencing the study.

Jessica B.

I had my first daughter with Mrs Lisa Byrd and I recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for a natural birth. She and her staff were very supportive, helpful and always so great to deal with, and having her there throughout my pregnancy taught me so much, not only about the pregnancy, labor and babies, but also how strong I was. Also, one key thing she taught me was always remain positive and sure enough, I did, and my entire experience was a true blessing and miracle. I look forward to using her again!!!

The Bottom Line Is...

If you're ready to find out how you can create your best natural birth with a midwife. You'll be glad to know, you do have choices! 

  • How will you plan for your upcoming pregnancy?  Consider working with someone with experience in pre-conception planning and counseling so you can start your pregnancy, giving your baby the healthiest start possible.
  • How will you stay healthy during your pregnancy?  Most ob/gyn offices only have about 6 minutes to spend on each woman's visit, due to their heavy patient caseload. In contrast, midwives are fully invested in helping your keep your pregnancy low risk by offering nutritional coaching and lifestyle counseling. With a midwife, you are a partner in your maternity care!
  • Where and with whom will you give birth?  This is an individual choice. Many women feel comfortable in a hospital setting due to social pressure but that's definitely not the best reason to choose a hospital birth. Consider where you will feel the most relaxed. Women birth best, spontaneously, in their own safe place. Most of the time, that is in a warm, dark, familiar space where they don't feel like a spectator sport.
  • And ultimately, how will your baby be treated at birth?  This is a very important question and one that many people don't think about when choosing their maternity care provider and place of birth. It's unfortunate that many hospitals do not honor the importance of the immediate bonding time between a mama and her baby. That time is often disrupted or shortened for the convenience of staff and hospital protocols. In a home birth, separation of mom and baby doesn't occur as midwives understand the importance of immediate bonding to the psyche of each mom and that it's the vital need of each baby.

Let me invite you to explore ALL of your options and ultimately the care provider that you feel most comfortable with...even if that changes at some point in your pregnancy. I'm glad to offer you a free home birth consultation so you can get your questions answered and see if this is a good option for your natural birth in South Carolina.

I'm excited to connect with you:)

Lisa Byrd LM, CPM, CLC

love, light & birth joy!  Lisa

Lisa Byrd is a midwife in SC who provides prenatal care and homebirth. Lisa formerly owned the only South Carolina birth center in the midlands. Having served over 500 women, she can help you on your journey into motherhood by supporting a healthy pregnancy and natural birth. Lisa is one of only a few providers in Columbia, SC that offer waterbirth as a natural childbirth option.

If you're like most women, you CAN create your best natural birth with a midwife!

Lisa Byrd LM, CPM, CLC  803-917-1517

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