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Home Birth in SC?

Exploring A Natural Birth or Home Birth in SC? Maybe a Midwife is Right for You.

SC Midwife Lisa Byrd

As you explore your options for a natural birth or a home birth in SC, please allow me to share a little about myself and the way I practice.

I started my midwifery path with home birth midwives in Colorado, then moved to practice home birth in SC in 2001. Licensed in this state since 2004, I've caught over 500 babies in homes and in my Columbia, SC birth center. Most women who set their actions and intentions on natural birth, accomplish their goals.

I am very comfortable and experienced with water birth and most of my midwifery clients will choose to labor or birth in water. It's a very gentle way to birth and be born.

Home Birth in SC

My philosophy of birth care is that we, women, are divinely created to intuitively grow and birth our babies in strength and in joy if given the right information, education and opportunity.

Our culture, unfortunately,  has stolen some of the internal "knowing" that is common to women. I believe that my most important job, as your midwife, is to help you create the ideal space-within, to grow a strong, healthy baby.  A space that you feel great about physically, emotionally, spiritually and intuitively. I'll help you protect the space for normal birth to occur.

Take a little time, grab a cup of tea and your partner and watch "The Business of Being Born," Ricki Lake's documentary about the current culture of birth in America.

Midwives partner WITH their clients in their maternity care. The Midwives Model of Care is a very different model than the culturally common, Medical Model of care. One of the biggest benefits of the midwifery model is that the ownership of pregnancy and birth are honored as yours, and thus, the strong sense of accomplishment, is placed exactly where it belongs...empowering you!

As you decide on which options are best for your precious baby and your natural birth in SC, I invite you to connect with me for tea and a free consultation.  Whether you choose to birth inside of a hospital, at a birth center or choose a home birth in SC, set the ball in motion to get exactly what YOU need from your maternity care!
Lisa Byrd, SC Licensed, Homebirth Midwife

Lisa Byrd LM, CPM,                    Essential Wellspring Midwifery

Love, light and birth joy!  Lisa (the crunchy midwife)